Furry Monster

Aborted list of Sasquatch picks, belated by one whole solid week.

(Not going was worth it, as much as I’ll lament it.)



I’m very optimistic. Beirut sounds like a European landscape of countrysides and small cottages. They sound like sunshine over shoulders and rain on the tips of noses. It’s a sound that comes naturally and translates beautifully even to the casual listener. And I can only imagine how beautiful their horn-filled folk and Zach Condon’s soaring voice will sound set against the back drop of a mid-day Gorge during the summer.


Too easy. M.I.A.’s music is already ready-made for the politically-aware backroom dancers who will compromise a huge chunk of the crowd of on Saturday. Plus, her particular brand of alternative hip-hop (infectious, smart, so incredible danceable, just about impossible to put into a box) is just the kind of alternative hip-hop that will weave its way into the hips and minds of any festival-goer who doesn’t already dance to Kala in the comfort of their own bathrooms and bedrooms.

Blue Scholars

Haven’t heard enough of this duo’s well-seasoned hip-hop to make more than an educated guess, but hey, it’s educated. MC Geologic and DJ Sabzi combine socially-conscious and Seattle-friendly lyrics with basic, just right beats and end up being pretty compelling for a mid-afternoon show. And, really, it’s Northwest hip-hop that actually manages to sound pretty freaking good. How could anyone resist?

Tegan and Sara

On the heels of their absolutely fantastic The Con, this sister duo will probably be more than prepared for the Sasquatch crowd. Every one of their albums contains a series of perfect pop-rock songs and every single live video I’ve seen is endearing and engaging. They are the best contemporary break-up band I know and their growing, loving fan base seems to reflect that, well, a lot of people have had bad break ups. Tegan and Sara are interesting, different and so closely bound to the people that listen to them. They are also adorable.

The Hives

Fast-paced in sound and movement, it’s been widely heralded that they’re one of the best live acts on the market. Each one of their albums translates almost exactly into a breathless act that will keep people laughing, dancing, kicking, punching. One can’t ask for much better of a crowd-rouser than the inimitable Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist. With a name like that, he’s destined to show-stopping stardom.

The Flaming Lips

Their live show is legendary. That’s really all I think anyone would need to know.


One response to “Furry Monster

  1. Ach, it feels weird to read this list. I have heard not a single one of them. I have heard vague rumors of the Flaming Lips, but that is all. This is not my genre of choice, but oh well.

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