Modern Girl in a Modern World

I am broken.

Last month, I bought an iPod.

Not as if it would alter my love for CD upon CD, falling out of drawers and stacked upon books and papers, never ending and all with scratched cases from being carried in too full backpacks.

Or at least that’s my full intention.

I’m a little bit ashamed of myself.

I had declared a few years ago that I would hold out as long as I possibly could, but I just figure this was as long as even a person of strong character could last. My CD players were constantly broken, always skipping, not playing if they barely even bumped against my thigh. I had scratched the heck out of even my favorite CDs, falling of their cases in my always jam-packed shoulder bag. There’s a breaking point for anyone.

I have endured the glances of people who think I must be a few years back into the stone age with my broken Walkman. I have done my best to hide my excitement while playing with my friend’s pocket-friendly Mp3 players. I really, truly have.

And now I am done.

So, words of mourning and self-loathing aside… I LOVE this freaking thing.

I have a playlist specifically for walking that has a few HUNDRED songs on it. I have a best of Radiohead playlist. I have comedy on it (did I mention I love iTunes as well ?)

It’s 80 GB, so with even the full force of 5 + years of Divorce Guilt Money spent on CDs, only a mere fraction is filled with music.


And as if my old mantra of turning every moment into an indie film moment wasn’t already something I strived to fulfill, it’s so much easier now.

Yesterday I watched a butterfly spin across the street while listening to a Mozart Piano Concerto’s flute solo. And that wasn’t even on purpose.

It is wonderful. I feel that I have been fully embraced by this 21st Century.


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