Shout It Out Loud

I have finally come full circle as a music writing geek.

Tonight, I met Chuck Klosterman—again.

He was hilarious and read from his new, also hilarious, novel (cue raised eyebrows.)

I photocopied an article I had written about meeting him the first time three years ago. It was entitled “Oliva Meets THE Chuck.” I won an award for this article. I am inordinately proud of this fact.

After the reading, redfaced from laughter, I gave him the folded and unfolded photocopy along with an awkward letter of my undying admiration. He addressed me by name and seemed genuinely appreciative of the piece of paper I thrust into his hand. Published in Medium-Town, Washington.

We took a picture together, one of the crowning achievements of my eighteen years on earth.

And, wouldn’t you know it.

He spelled my name wrong.



Chuck Klosterman

The Best Moment. Ever.

The Chuck and Oliva.


2 responses to “Shout It Out Loud

  1. AH!!!
    I love Chuck Klosterman!
    It must have been amazing to have met him.
    That picture is genius.

  2. He’s fabulous (and hilarious) in person! I’m always so tickled to find other people who love him 🙂

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