And so it begins.

The awkward sitting in open rooms with quiet people. Forcing myself to open books in hopes of learning the names of capitals that I don’t particularly care about. Turning up Dvorak as far as it will go.

Classical music is the only thing keeping me from throwing papers to the side and wandering the streets of Seattle for hours with the Thermals on full blast.

A small sampling of Bach and Mozart symphonies and Yo-Yo Ma stylings. Seriously, it’s the one thing keeping me in my seat.


2 responses to “Adagio

  1. Hooray! Excellent choices. Could you share some of your favourite pieces?

  2. Definitely. I listen to Mozart’s Requiem all the time. It’s a recording I nicked from one of my friends, so I don’t know who did the particular performance.
    Also, the Bach Cello Suites. I love the Pablo Casals versions. I used to play cello and they were just the absolute peak of all cello playing to my mind.

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