Revealing Too Much

His voice has accompanied first kisses, third kisses, tenth kisses.

First breakup, third breakup, and I can’t be faulted for the lack of tenth breakup.

This guy has been totally ubiquitous during my high school dating and not dating career. And I totally didn’t know his name until this afternoon.

The dude, his name is Jarrod Gorbel (if that’s of any interest), is the whiny voice of the Honorary Title.

And their album Anything Else But The Truth may be one of my favorite albums ever and they might be one of my favorite bands ever and his might be one of my favorite voices ever and it took me over four years to realize it. I came upon this hidden, subconscious secret while singing their entire album to myself as I walked to my aunt’s. I always assumed I was embarrassed to even like them.

The Jarrod guy is passionate to the point of being creepy and sounds like he cries when he sings. My friend Bryan covers his ears whenever they come up on shuffle or on the dozen playlists where I’ve nestled them in-between the Smiths and the Cure. I personally think he sounds romantic and occasionally sexy, but I guess it takes a vaguely emo girl to appreciate such things.

I am still astounded that I missed the fact that I loved them all this time. The band isn’t particularly popular, so I guess there wasn’t ample opportunity to gush. I certainly have put them on every mix CD I’ve ever made and every time I reread Blankets I need to listen to Petals at least once.

I am the queen of overexcited band love proclamations, so my oversight is unprecendented.

I suppose I just have four whole years of love to make up for.

Cue the pity for my roommate.

I leave you with an overwrought music video for an overwrought breakup song. It will make little to no sense why I am obsessed with this band—aside from the fact that they are incredibly amazing. I cannot count with any number of my limbs how many times this song has made me cry.


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