Passin’ Me By

Assorted thoughts (11/5-11/27):

—-Barack Obama being elected president led to joyous mobs flooding the streets of Seattle. I joined and mostly took pictures with a ridiculous grin on my face. On a personal note, I’ve always felt a very personal connection with the president-elect’s story. I spent most of the night trying not to cry thinking of the immense pride that his mother and grandmother would have felt. I’ll leave it at that.

For a better picture of the night, here’s a link to a blog I wrote for class about it:

We sang some very victorious Queen songs on those beer-stained Seattle streets.

—-The new Bloc Party album (Intimacy) is extremely good. Download Biko.

The new TV on the Radio album (Dear Science) is even better. Download Love Dog.

—-The singer of Crystal Castles looks like a vampire when she walks out in front of the strobe light on stage. And not the stupid Twilight kind (if anyone breathes that franchise’s name to me within the next 24 hours they will be promptly hit in the jaw.) She looks like the kind that will swoop down and kill you. I was frightened to dance. I did anyway.

—-It’s really nice to be home after three weeks that left me incapable of finding time to write anything other than essays in Spanish. I missed the luxury of wasting time making mix CDs.

—-People who work in record stores are the perfect mix of dork and cute. I spend way too much time in Everyday Music for the amount of money that I actually have to spend.

—-I’ve been going through another round of listening almost exclusively to the Smiths. I don’t know what’s to blame for it, but I think I have finally reached the particular juncture in my life (that I always expected I would) in which the Smiths make complete and total sense to me. I didn’t really like much past This Charming Man in the 9th grade, but I persisted because I knew there was something there that I related to. The song Still Ill gives me ants in my pants.

—-Speaking of the Smiths, my uncle and I were talking about this Chuck Klosterman article about Morrissey and about this huge Mexican-American following he has who claims that Morrissey “speaks to us.” We were shopping for CDs the other day and my uncle picked up an album and forbid me from listening to it. “I know how Morrissey speaks to you Mexican kids,” he said with a ridiculously stern face. The album is titled Kill Uncle. I don’t remember the last time I laughed harder.

—-The cello is the most perfect sounding instrument in the world.


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