Sitting On Trains

I am listening to M.I.A. right now because it feels entirely appropriate.

There is this movie out right now called Slumdog Millionaire. And I think every single person should watch it.

I am known for boundless enthusiasm when it comes to good music or good movies, the occasional good TV show. But really, for real, my enthusiasm about this movie is totally founded.

It’s a story about this kid who goes on the Indian version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

This kid grew up in the slums and has a will to survive on his own wits.

He is cute as a little kid, seems too small as a teenager, and is heartbreaking as a young adult.

He is fated into loving a girl he ran away from the slums with as a boy.

This kid, Jamal, ran around with his second musketeer of an older brother and landed himself one question away from 20 million rupees on this show.

The police think he’s cheating, so he is finally forced to tell his story.

This all leads up to the greatest all time use of M.I.A.’s nearly-ubiquitous song “Paper Planes”. She is probably beaming every time she watches the sequence because it is exactly what she imagined when she put the track out. It is perfect.

And so is the rest of the movie.

I was doing the belly shake of trying not to sob at the end, because my friends didn’t want to be sandwiching a cry baby in public.

Slumdog Millionaire is an amazing film that further cements my undying love for director Danny Boyle.

Watch it. It’s in Seattle, probably never in Yakima. It truly feels like it should be required.


P.S. for ladies: Cutest. Guy. Ever.


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