I think that if SNL (or Andy Samberg) ever release a CD of the increasingly wildly inappropriate songs that play during the “Digital Shorts”, I will buy it. And then I will rock out to it.

I would be loathe to actually post any of the shorts on here because the majority of them are raunchy as all get out. In fact, I think I can barely even type the titles of like three of them without blushing.

Rest assured, though, that is a sign of hilarity. I recommend that all people who enjoy dirty jokes go onto NBC’s website or Hulu and check out a couple.

Is it sad that the majority of the time, Samberg and Co. do a way better job of the music they are parodying than the artists who put out the bad music in the first place? They make cheesy 90’s R&B good and craptastic contemporary pop freaking fantastic.

Speaking of Samberg, apparently he is dating Joanna Newsom. This may seem like just an off the cuff sort of thing, but I am really weirded out by it. Joanna Newsom, for those who may not know, is called “Elf Girl” by my friends and probably anyone else who has ever heard her. She has this weird, fragile voice and sings about puppies and vegetables and mythical creatures. She is also an accomplished harpist and very pretty, though this essay I read by Dave Eggers once protested that her voice requires that she be ugly.

Andy Samberg is a cute, funny dude. They’re equally cool, but on opposite ends of the cool spectrum. I just can’t see it.

Since I can’t put on a short (but go watch them!), here is weirdo Joanna Newsom. She is so weird. In a delightful kind of way.


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