Sin Exagerar

I am officially the worst blogger ever. Throw one class that makes me read a lot and it’s as if the sky is falling in and I’ve forgotten how to write for fun.

But not completely.

I love writing for fun. Especially when it’s fun about music.

I promise, promise, promise to become more of a professional fun writer.

So anyway, I did indeed come back from Buenos Aires and it was wonderful and beautiful and positively amazing and I plan on moving there when I’m old enough to get a real job (if there are any left when I get out of college) and speak real Spanish. There was not much to say of music there, mostly just retreads of American stuff. Though the people were gorgeous.

I spent a lot of my time watching MTV and VH1 Argentina with my aunt. They played this alternative reggaeton group called Calle 13 as if it was the new Justin Timberlake in the states. I immediately purchased that song when I got home.

Their singer is cute and their Spanish is easy, so I was totally hooked.

I might put up a link later that is all just a bunch of ridiculous graffiti pictures (SO MUCH graffiti), but for now, I’ll suffice to say that I loved it there and have at least one stamp in my passport. I’m a total big kid now.

Also. To vouch for the incredibly attractive people as well as just a taste of my favorite day there. Across from our apartment there was something of a cultural center, a big park and couple of museums. As well as the city’s main cemetery, which was cool and weird. Anyway, there was a pre-Christmas market going on that all these artesan vendors came to. This is where I bought all my Christmas gifts. ANYWAY, there was this group of (very cute) guys that set up this impromptu percussion circle. It was fantastic.


I’ll try and get a video of them in later when this site feels like cooperating. They were so adorable. Much like the city itself, which I would actually say was more on the tall, dark and intimidatingly handsome side. Did I mention how much I loved it there?

UPDATE: Drummer boy video!


One response to “Sin Exagerar

  1. Fredo Villaseñor

    i found out about Calle 13 when i was in Mexico, watching MTV. I remember my Spanish vocabulary grew exponentially when i bought the album “Residente o Visitante” (i would say it’s their best album). I find myself comparing all the other reggaeton bands to them though. And i can’t seem to find any group that matches the cleverness and originality of Calle 13.

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