Pitter Patter Goes My Heart

Went to the Broken Social Scene show on Thursday night.

Some of Broken Social Scene. Some not.

Some of Broken Social Scene. Some not.

They were absolutely fabulous.

I was a little bit hesitant about the show, not in any way a reflection upon their beautiful music, because of the fact that I had never gone to a show for a band that was so experimentally easy. They have a quiet, soaring sound that I was not entirely sure would translate well to a live show.

We lucked out though. They were perfect.

Immediately, the multiple member band (I think there were at least 7 people on stage for most of the night) led into some material from You Forgot It In People, the preferred album of both me and my concert buddy Bryan. Their second song of the night is one of the songs that has made me cry more than any other, “Shampoo Suicide.” You may also know it as the song from the most affecting scene from the excellent “Half Nelson” (rent it now.) Bryan and I swayed in time and I cried a bit, and I think he did too.

Broken Social Scene is composed of a number of facial-haired, middle-aged music nerds with glasses. They’re all very cute in that way. Their guitarist likes to talk a lot, about inane things. He attributed this trait to some pre-show Tequila.

The rest of the band is pretty quiet, but when they did talk they were straightforward, happy to be there, happy that we all seemed to like them.

Also, as a bunch of Canadians, they were happy that “Mr. Bush” was out of office. Band leader Kevin Drew (furry cute), pondered what their future would be like in a post-Bush world after eight years of largely reactionary work. He figured that maybe they’d have to put out an Obama-friendly funk album next.

Listening to Broken Social Scene albums (and Kevin Drew’s own Broken Socia Scene supported solo album, funny they’d put a different name on it anyway) has always inspired thought in me. They’re a perfect walking band. For most of the show I was doing some jerky dancing with my eyes closed, I allowed them the opportunity to take me over.

They were perfect. Even if they didn’t perform “Lover’s Spit.”

Here’s “Fire Eye’d Boy” instead.


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