Heart Cooks Brain

My roommate and I recently had a frenzied discussion about how Radiohead songs make us cry. We talked about which ones make us cry and what memories are tied to them in such a way that such a thing would happen.

I told her that “Fake Plastic Trees” will forever be my ex-boyfriend’s song and I frequently raise a bitter fist to the sky when I can’t resist listening to.

She showed me a live video of Thom Yorke playing a song called “Fog” and we both listened to it quietly. Very quietly.

Radiohead is one of those bands. Almost any of their songs could make me cry because they have that quality that makes them just perfect for feeling.

I feel like we should celebrate those songs more often.

So here are the saddest songs. The way I see it, at least.

Nude-Radiohead. I wept during their show when they played this. Just like how I choke up every time I listen to this perfect song, or watch this perfect video.

This is Elliott’s memorial wall.

This video always takes me by surprise. It’s odd.

This isn’t the real video, just a mash up of scenes from Lost In Translation, which this singer did the music for. It still fits nicely.

Get your cry out.


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