Normal Guy

This is going to be an awkward progression.

I bought the Lonely Island’s album “Incredibad” yesterday. They are the guys who write, and frequently act in, SNL’s well-loved Digital Shorts. The album killed me. I spent hour yesterday trying to focus on homework and instead singing along to new classics like “Sax Man”, “Like A Boss” and “I’m On A Boat”. I can’t really justify my worship of this album unless it’s listened to first. And I’m embarassed to post any of the songs, or their lyrics, onto the blog (they involve doing terrible things to desks, mermaids, and aliens, in turn) but I really recommend a spin in iTunes. Friggin’ fantastic.

Now this is where the weird transition happens.

I was making my friend listen to the album yesterday and we started talking about Jorma Taccone, who makes up 1/3 of the group, and how oddly cute he is. She mentioned how it’s weird to take him as a funny guy. I asked why and she told me about this incredibly sad (and appropriately weird) Gnarls Barkley video that he starred in. We looked it up and I was fighting back tears of recognition. The real kind, not the overwrought fake kind. Surreal as the video may be, it will strike a chord with just about anyone. It’s one of the best, most tragic, music videos I’ve ever seen. And the song is pretty beautiful too.

I apologize for the subtitles, but hey, maybe you can double task and practice your Spanish.


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