Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Next Time You Say Forever

Whenever I am crushing on someone, there is always a stock group of songs that I want to listen to or make people listen to or put on dorky mixes that I might eventually give to the crushee at some point, hopefully.

I will call these songs my love songs in waiting.

And with each guy that I date, a couple songs get removed from that elite group and are saved for rainy days and late nights when I figure it is finally okay to reminisce. Darci Cash has been permanently removed from this group. “Fake Plastic Trees” and “High and Dry” by Radiohead are also retired. “Transatlantacism” by Death Cab will never see an I-think-I-really-like-you mix again.

With the endless dropping of good songs from my love songs folder, it is always great when I find new additions.

The first track on the new Neko Case album (which is freaking amazing, by the way) is perfect for this purpose. Which might explain why I’ve had some difficulty getting past the initial three minutes. It’s called “This Tornado Loves You” and it is pretty and sad and dramatic in a quiet way, like all of Neko’s songs.

It also has these lines:

“Climb the boxcars to the engine through the smoke into the sky
Your rails have always outrun mine
So I pick them up and crash them down
In a moment close to now
Cuz I miss, I miss, I miss, I miss, I miss
I miss how you’d sigh yourself to sleep”

I think they are beautiful and immediately dragged the track into the folder with the songs that make my breath catch in my chest for a moment and wish I had someone to share them with. Though I suppose it’s nice to have just the songs in the first place. I can content myself with the possibilities I find in them for minutes and hours and days and on.


Hitched to the Sun

My roommate and I went to a delightful concert last week that, between procrastination and perfectly valid attacks of homework, I have not had a chance to write about.

We somehow got into free at this show at Chop Suey because my roommate knew the keyboardist/tuba player/backup dancer for the Mumlers, this adorable band from California that was opening.

I loved them. Their singer looked like Wiley Wiggins from “Dazed and Confused”, bad silk shirt and everything. It was like classic soul renderings of the less crunchy of Devendra Banhart’s discography. They were adorable and the standing section did their best of swaying their hips for an unknown opener. It was the first time I ever bought a CD at a concert.

Second band. This time legitimately cute boys that made me and my roommate think we were feeling what girls at Strokes concerts in 2000 must have been feeling. Love. Good tunes but even better blazers. The Morning Benders, words coming soon to the screaming mouth. of your little sister.

The headliners were this band I had never heard of called the Submarines. They are a cute boy-girl act, with a drummer, who covered the stage and instruments with fake white flowers. Too cutesy? Not enough for these guys. The girl played the first song without plugging in her guitar and announced the fact with breathy laughter. She was the cutest things I had ever seen. Turns out I had heard these guys before, they play them every hour, on the hour, on 88.5 in Yakima.

You have heard this song before. It’s adorable. They are. Also, playlist “Brighter Discontent”, it’s the cutest break-up song I have ever heard.

Official word of last Tuesday: Cute.