Sharing Different Heartbeats

This is a good song. It is really, really good. It is, in a very contemporary sense, groovy. It is cool and interesting and different and lovely.

This is an amazing song. It is beautiful, beyond beautiful. It takes the words and the basic beat and sound of the original and turns each element into an entirely different being. I have listened to it on repeat for about two weeks now and don’t feel quite close to being done with the way this guy sings and plays the guitar in such a simple way that I feel the chords echo against my skin. It is times like this when I wish there were more cover songs—cover songs that did the original song justice and also breathed new life into the words and sounds that are already familiar. He takes this lovely song and makes it into his own beautiful one. I now like this guy for many more reasons than just being a sexy Argentinean from Sweden. I like him for being enough of a visionary to hear synth beats and hear the lilt of guitar chords and whispered indie dance floor lyrics. Good, good stuff in addition to being beyond beautiful.


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