Just Drive Us Around

I am currently watching Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls sit in the back seat of a cab (in England, I presume) and playing a cover of “Creep” by Radiohead on a ukulele.


Black Cab Sessions is the coolest thing I have watched online since 11:30 this morning when I watched that video of the little kid singing that Michael Jackson son on Britain’s Got Talent. Except it is much, much cooler. Just not as young and adorable.

So these guys take out famous and semi-famous and unknown musicians, sit them in the backseat of the cab and have them do acoustic versions of their songs while the cab rolls around the streets of the town. And they record the whole thing. And it is amazing.

I’ve watched Beach House, Death Cab For Cutie, Langhorne Slim, Johnny Flynn (who I am in love with now), the Raveonettes and just finished my Amanda Palmer. There are dozens of these. I will not be doing any homework today.


Tell me that is not the cutest little folk singer that ever lived.


2 responses to “Just Drive Us Around

  1. Is there anyone you have not fallen in love with? It’s getting tiresome!

    • Haha, I suppose I am prone to the nineteen-year-old’s dilemma of daily “I burn, I pine, I perish” moments. I’ll have to try and dig up more people that I hate, which is remarkably hard when you’re this hormonal.

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