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What You Find Out

I have established that this summer has been long and hot and slow and seemingly filled with dust (but that might just be due to working in a fruit stand.)

So, to combat the heat and the boredom, I love devoting some time to finding Yakima songs. “Sing! Captain” by the Handsome Furs, Beirut songs, most things by Modest Mouse. Things that make the time pass in more interesting and occasionally poignant ways. I chalk that up to the persistent eighth-grade nerd of a poet that my brain still hosts.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled across an 88.5 treasure on iTunes today while buying random things to fill up a fifteen dollar gift card.

And in finding it discovered in retrospect that a song I had been listening to at odd intervals over the past five years or so ended up being the perfect song for my summer now, nineteen years old and ready to leave.

“Car” by Built to Spill.

It’s an antidote, an anecdote, many of the things I have fought to express and forgot to include.

I rather appreciate it.

You get the car
I’ll get the night off
You’ll get the chance to take the world apart and figure out how it works
Don’t let me know what you find out
I need a car
You need a guide
Who needs a map
If I don’t die or worse I’m gonna need a nap
At best I’ll be asleep when you get back
I wanna see it when you find out what comets, stars, and moons are all about
I wanna see their faces turn to backs of heads and slowly get smaller
I wanna see it now

I want specifics on the general idea
I wanna think what I should know
Want you to do me what to show
I wanna see movies of my dreams
I wanna see it when you get stoned on a cloudy breezy desert afternoon
I wanna see it untame itself and break its owner
I wanna see it now


There’s a Place and Time for Everything I Know

Oh. Yes.

Recently purchased tickets for Grizzly Bear playing the Moore Theatre in Seattle on October 16th.

All the more reason to look forward to being the hell back in Seattle.

Grizzly Bear:

Grizzly Bear. Like Professors.

Grizzly Bear. Like Professors.

This makes me extra excited:

Also, we have amazingly good seats.

October cannot come soon enough.

Counting All Different Ideas Drifting Away

My summers are spent trying to distract myself from the lack of routine that no school leaves me with. Days without construct are days that drive me crazy. It’s just that there is something entirely welcome about knowing I need to be somewhere at a certain time, and then planning the rest of my day around that given fact.

So during the summer, I am overwhelmed by the expanse of open time that lays before me.

I need to conjure up activity and find ways to fill minutes upon hours upon days upon weeks. Working a few hours a week helps, as does trying to set a time to do some type of physical activity in the mornings.

But past that, I spend my time walking. I put on shoes with sensible soles and pick a direction.

It’s not the beating of my feet upon concrete for hours that is difficult, but more picking the song to accompany the walking rhythms.

I listen to the mixes that I have made for other people, trying once more to examine the messages I am sending. “Does this say too much? Am I coming on too strong and too far?”

Mostly, I try to find songs are beautiful. Songs that match the Yakima sky at sunset, and the stars at night.

I am searching for the right words to follow the unexpected breeze against my ankles, wondering if it is the right chorus for watching the white toes of my sneakers while I walk to grassy hills and wound streets.

These are songs for writing in my head the words that I consistently forget to write down.

And they need to be perfect to their purpose.

These are the perfect songs for a perfect walk at 8:14 on a thursday night:

1) Soft Shock (acoustic)-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2)Shift-Grizzly Bear

3)Blood Bank-Bon Iver

4)1901 (sayCet remix)-Phoenix

5)Elephant Woman-Blonde Redhead

6)Funeral-Band of Horses


8)The Clockwise Witness-Devotchka

9)The Beat Dies-The Raveonettes

10)F***ed Up Kid-Kevin Drew

11)Dramamine-Modest Mouse

12)Sing!Captain-Handsome Furs

13)Penicillin (It Doesn’t Mean Much)-The Velvet Teen

14)I Gaer-Sigur Ros

15)We Own the Sky-M83

The last one in particular.

Even if the video looks like an Urban Outfitters ad.

Songs to save me from summer listlessness.

I miss reading books for profit.

Another Voice to Lead Us On

Last summer, the night of my orientation for college and the day before I got my tattoo (these were all momentous occasions), I met my first college friend.

Sidenote: Her name is Kendra. She is also awesome.

We stayed up for hours in our borrowed dorm rooms, talking about the same grab bag of subjects that we continue to talk about now. Music, music, movies, books, politics, boys, jokes, music.

So, we were talking about Beirut. And she says to me, “If you like Beirut, you’ll totally like this band Grizzly Bear.”

It took me a few months to get the CDs and start listening, but the second I started paying attention, I realized she was right.

I love Grizzly Bear.

I loved them more after seeing this:

There is something hauntingly beautiful about their work. It’s not a typical occurence to hear four part harmonies executed so wonderfully on indie radio, and I really appreciate the distinction.

Add to this the fact that “All We Ask” is insanely perfect for any possible moment I have had this summer and I have to give Kendra some insane credit for her immediate assumptions about me.

Both Grizzly Bear and Beirut need to get their asses up to the Northwest soon, by the way. Just saying…

It Might Not Be the Right Time

This absence is my testament to finding someone awesome to kiss in dormitory basements with only two weeks left in the quarter.

And in summer living two states away.

This long space in-between entries is my ode to coming home and being too bored to do absolutely anything.

And then going to San Francisco for a week and having my mind blown.

This post is about my new love for Daft Punk.

And this song. It’s wonderful. A gift for taking too long and being so distracted.