Another Voice to Lead Us On

Last summer, the night of my orientation for college and the day before I got my tattoo (these were all momentous occasions), I met my first college friend.

Sidenote: Her name is Kendra. She is also awesome.

We stayed up for hours in our borrowed dorm rooms, talking about the same grab bag of subjects that we continue to talk about now. Music, music, movies, books, politics, boys, jokes, music.

So, we were talking about Beirut. And she says to me, “If you like Beirut, you’ll totally like this band Grizzly Bear.”

It took me a few months to get the CDs and start listening, but the second I started paying attention, I realized she was right.

I love Grizzly Bear.

I loved them more after seeing this:

There is something hauntingly beautiful about their work. It’s not a typical occurence to hear four part harmonies executed so wonderfully on indie radio, and I really appreciate the distinction.

Add to this the fact that “All We Ask” is insanely perfect for any possible moment I have had this summer and I have to give Kendra some insane credit for her immediate assumptions about me.

Both Grizzly Bear and Beirut need to get their asses up to the Northwest soon, by the way. Just saying…


One response to “Another Voice to Lead Us On

  1. me gusta! me gusta! olivia rulez.

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