Counting All Different Ideas Drifting Away

My summers are spent trying to distract myself from the lack of routine that no school leaves me with. Days without construct are days that drive me crazy. It’s just that there is something entirely welcome about knowing I need to be somewhere at a certain time, and then planning the rest of my day around that given fact.

So during the summer, I am overwhelmed by the expanse of open time that lays before me.

I need to conjure up activity and find ways to fill minutes upon hours upon days upon weeks. Working a few hours a week helps, as does trying to set a time to do some type of physical activity in the mornings.

But past that, I spend my time walking. I put on shoes with sensible soles and pick a direction.

It’s not the beating of my feet upon concrete for hours that is difficult, but more picking the song to accompany the walking rhythms.

I listen to the mixes that I have made for other people, trying once more to examine the messages I am sending. “Does this say too much? Am I coming on too strong and too far?”

Mostly, I try to find songs are beautiful. Songs that match the Yakima sky at sunset, and the stars at night.

I am searching for the right words to follow the unexpected breeze against my ankles, wondering if it is the right chorus for watching the white toes of my sneakers while I walk to grassy hills and wound streets.

These are songs for writing in my head the words that I consistently forget to write down.

And they need to be perfect to their purpose.

These are the perfect songs for a perfect walk at 8:14 on a thursday night:

1) Soft Shock (acoustic)-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2)Shift-Grizzly Bear

3)Blood Bank-Bon Iver

4)1901 (sayCet remix)-Phoenix

5)Elephant Woman-Blonde Redhead

6)Funeral-Band of Horses


8)The Clockwise Witness-Devotchka

9)The Beat Dies-The Raveonettes

10)F***ed Up Kid-Kevin Drew

11)Dramamine-Modest Mouse

12)Sing!Captain-Handsome Furs

13)Penicillin (It Doesn’t Mean Much)-The Velvet Teen

14)I Gaer-Sigur Ros

15)We Own the Sky-M83

The last one in particular.

Even if the video looks like an Urban Outfitters ad.

Songs to save me from summer listlessness.

I miss reading books for profit.


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