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Shout It Out Loud

This makes me happy.

Much more on it later.


Gonna Take a Stab at This

In the midst of rewriting an essay on Arthurian romance and staring down a pile of books on African cinema… I return to this.

My offerings are measly, but I figure it is the attempt that counts.

In any case, the best thing that has happened in these first few months of my sophomore year of college (excluding of course, friends, going on zoo dates with an adorable boy, eating a lot of indian food, watching movies in various dorm rooms, red licorice, fancy ice cream, fancy cup cakes, etc etc etc) was seeing Grizzly Bear in the middle of October.

They played the beautiful Moore Theatre, beset by a stage full of upturned mason jars filled with Christmas lights that danced around them to the music. They sounded beautiful, looked wonderful and even talked to us after the show.

Things are well in Seattle.

(And there are other things to share…)

“Ready, Able”, among the many Grizzly Bear related things that almost make me cry:

Back to “Sir Gawain”, though I intend to return to this soon.