If I

It has been well over a year since I contributed to this little blog of mine. That’s well over a year too long.

In the long succession of apologies that might follow, I might instead just say: “School. School and Mexico. School and Mexico and regular mid-collegiate complexities. School and Mexico and small things and falling in love and making friends and trying my damndest to keep them. School and these things and simply forgetting.”

That’s all I would really have to say. But the insights gained from that past well over year or so are immense in comparison. And I hope I would have grown as a writer.

Put truthfully, I miss writing about the things in the world I love writing about (no real offense meant to Beowulf and Wordsworth and Tolstoy…)

I hope to jump back wholeheartedly into this writing thing that once came so naturally. I miss it quite a bit.


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