La Ultima Parte

Seeing as the last time I wrote was in November of 2009, there are a collection of things to clarify and add and expand upon:

-My current academic profile establishes me as a English Literature and Spanish double-major (I prefer “Spanglish”) with a minor in Film Studies. This is the feeling of blissful uselessness. I want to go to school forever.

-I have a permanent Seattle address. It is in a tiny apartment in a lovely brick building with a very handsome roommate. I frequently wake up to the sounds of drunk people arguing outside on the street.

-After years of longing, I bought my pair of Daria-esque Doc Marten boots. In the sort-of year of absence from blogging, I have destroyed those boots and bought new ones. I have never loved anything I put on my feet more.

-Mexico. Terrible homesickness and the occasional awfulness of forced cohabitation and strange social interactions with other English-speakers. A city that felt like home and a wonderful family with a sweet little boy and a truly fantastic new friend. Art and music and food and sights and a fleeting sense of connection that I hope to recapture.

-Concerts abroad! Calle 13, Hello, Seahorse!, Julieta Venegas, Empire of the Sun.

-Concerts at home! Broken Social Scene, Gogol Bordello, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Starf***er, (perhaps some other things I am not quite yet remembering).

-Listening to songs in Spanish and understanding almost every word. Realizing that the simplicity of love songs carries over across different tongues. Sometimes, the only thing that ever needs to be said is simple. “If you had never left, I would be so much happier.”

-It is impossible to write crappy love poems when you love someone and they love you back and there are minimal obstructions. I think this is a very good thing.

-And this:

Because certain things just do not change.


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