Turn on the Light

New Year’s Eve, and the subsequent morning, was a complete and total mess. Needless to say, the evening succumbed to the very same vices expected of college in the third year. Lots of yelling and laughing and feeling very sick and calling my boyfriend outside of San Francisco to tell him what I bought him for Christmas.

And in the morning, far too early in the morning, I woke up in strange pajamas that I could not recall digging out from the bottom of my dresser. I roped my remaining companions into going to breakfast, walking out into a Seattle that felt like a ghost-town, riddled with empty Four Loko cans that had sprouted during the evening from every street corner. We ate magnificent omelets.

And when they left, I remained in a dirty apartment with a friend’s forgotten iPod.

It was paused in the middle of playing this song:

(Something forgotten.)

And so I sat around, and cleaned up, and listened to the rest of the album.

I do not know how I have managed to evade LCD Soundsystem for so long, but it was a glorious discovery on that all-too quiet morning.

Particularly one certain song. A song that sounded like a mid-eighties, John Hughes soundtrack, Oingo Boingo-esque masterpiece.

It was a song that would have made me cry when I was sixteen. A song I would have put on mixes for high school boyfriends without fully realizing the irony. And so I listened to that song over and over, because my physical and emotional state allowed for pretty good imagining of being a younger version of myself. The things that change in four years feel entirely too immense.

But, in any case, it is a beautiful song. From one of the very first lines, I was utterly sold on that.

Dance with me until I feel alright

It would have been the perfect song for any occasion, but on that particular morning, it just made my head spin even more.


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