About Olivia

-I grew up in Yakima and now I live in Seattle.
-I am a college junior. Kinda. Sorta. Mostly.
-The most frequently listened song on my iTunes is “Ripchord” by Rilo Kiley, closely followed by “Elephant Gun” by Beirut.
-Gogol Bordello might always be the best band I’ve ever seen (though the Spice Girls might give them a run for their money.)
-I have a tattoo of Ferdinand (the bull) on my left shoulder. It is all black and grey and is almost identical to the engraving-like drawing on the cover of the book. Elliott Smith had the same tattoo on his arm. I figured I could kill the literary and musical birds with one stone without being embarrassed later on in life for having a tattoo that was music-related.
-I’m a Velma. So not a Daphne.
-All of my heroes have written for Rolling Stone. Or at least something like it.
-I guess I’ll stick next to my 7th grade and onward aspiration of being a rock writer. I have a feeling it’s going to be a dream that dies hard.
-My favorite concert t-shirt is my Radiohead one (“No matter how it ends/no matter how it starts”.)
-I use parentheses way too often.
-“Tunnels” by the Arcade Fire makes me think of everybody. Inevitable and only sometimes upsetting.


2 responses to “About Olivia

  1. Don’t have a website. I guess that makes me weird, but I wanted to say that I have read several of your music reviews and you have it all Olivia. You string the words so painlessly and bright, and there is no reason you cannot be right up there with the top rock writers

  2. …the only danger is some idiot trying to succor off your success…don’t let it happen. Stay fresh. Stay on top. Larry

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