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Understand Once and for All

My friend directed me to a band last night that I could not ignore.

It is not a band for everyone, but looking at them in specifically in artistic terms, they are a band for me.

Ambient, almost glitchy, noise under recordings of voices. Not necessarily singing, but speaking, and they create a symphony out of these words.

It’s like the musical equivalent of found art.

And it makes me want to go on long walks, find wide expanses of grass in a park on a windy day, and write something worth reading out loud.


And Slowly Dear

I have spent many hours drafting playlists and mix lists. Thinking of the perfect lyric to fit after the perfect song, constructing messages and moods and maybe painting a picture of a moment so it will last on a burned disc that won’t outlast time.

I love collecting songs from other people too. My roommate and I used to have conversations all the time, trading perfect songs for very specific moments.

One afternoon, we spent an hour or so with a back and forth of songs that reminded us of boys. Boys. We pointed out the lyrics that mattered, the memories tied to them, why the song lifted just so that it would be caught in our collective memory.

Months later, I downloaded one of the songs because when she played it on her iPod it made me want to cry. Making me want to cry isn’t necessarily a great feat, but the way that this song tugged around my lungs was so specific that I felt I needed it.

This song reminded me of people I have kissed, of people that I want to kiss, of people that I would later kiss, or never kiss no matter how badly I’d want to.

It was an all-encompassing map of even events that hadn’t passed, applicable to every moment and heartbreaking in the want that rises while the song plays.

It’s feels universal even with specific details of another man’s love for someone that I do not know. I can claim this lovely lilting, night-time song without considering the singer at all.

I desperately want this song to be able to fill out lists for ages and never get old.

“Part One” by Band of Horses:

the bottom the earth i have to fall
but you really caught me
you really caught me, dear
at the bottom where I’d fallen.

and slowly dear ask that you dance with me
here with the shades down
lights off

when i didn’t know you
and everything i do
done badly

now I’ll love you always
even when i say
you distract me.

and sit out tonight in some strange place
if we have no friends here
well i had a few to begin with

to wake next to you in the morning
and good morning to you.
how do you do?
hey, good morning to you!
more covers for you.
sleep soundly dear cause i have to go.

and I’ll love you always.
when we leave this place
and drive back to Carolina
and down to Savannah and

Counting All Different Ideas Drifting Away

My summers are spent trying to distract myself from the lack of routine that no school leaves me with. Days without construct are days that drive me crazy. It’s just that there is something entirely welcome about knowing I need to be somewhere at a certain time, and then planning the rest of my day around that given fact.

So during the summer, I am overwhelmed by the expanse of open time that lays before me.

I need to conjure up activity and find ways to fill minutes upon hours upon days upon weeks. Working a few hours a week helps, as does trying to set a time to do some type of physical activity in the mornings.

But past that, I spend my time walking. I put on shoes with sensible soles and pick a direction.

It’s not the beating of my feet upon concrete for hours that is difficult, but more picking the song to accompany the walking rhythms.

I listen to the mixes that I have made for other people, trying once more to examine the messages I am sending. “Does this say too much? Am I coming on too strong and too far?”

Mostly, I try to find songs are beautiful. Songs that match the Yakima sky at sunset, and the stars at night.

I am searching for the right words to follow the unexpected breeze against my ankles, wondering if it is the right chorus for watching the white toes of my sneakers while I walk to grassy hills and wound streets.

These are songs for writing in my head the words that I consistently forget to write down.

And they need to be perfect to their purpose.

These are the perfect songs for a perfect walk at 8:14 on a thursday night:

1) Soft Shock (acoustic)-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2)Shift-Grizzly Bear

3)Blood Bank-Bon Iver

4)1901 (sayCet remix)-Phoenix

5)Elephant Woman-Blonde Redhead

6)Funeral-Band of Horses


8)The Clockwise Witness-Devotchka

9)The Beat Dies-The Raveonettes

10)F***ed Up Kid-Kevin Drew

11)Dramamine-Modest Mouse

12)Sing!Captain-Handsome Furs

13)Penicillin (It Doesn’t Mean Much)-The Velvet Teen

14)I Gaer-Sigur Ros

15)We Own the Sky-M83

The last one in particular.

Even if the video looks like an Urban Outfitters ad.

Songs to save me from summer listlessness.

I miss reading books for profit.

Another Voice to Lead Us On

Last summer, the night of my orientation for college and the day before I got my tattoo (these were all momentous occasions), I met my first college friend.

Sidenote: Her name is Kendra. She is also awesome.

We stayed up for hours in our borrowed dorm rooms, talking about the same grab bag of subjects that we continue to talk about now. Music, music, movies, books, politics, boys, jokes, music.

So, we were talking about Beirut. And she says to me, “If you like Beirut, you’ll totally like this band Grizzly Bear.”

It took me a few months to get the CDs and start listening, but the second I started paying attention, I realized she was right.

I love Grizzly Bear.

I loved them more after seeing this:

There is something hauntingly beautiful about their work. It’s not a typical occurence to hear four part harmonies executed so wonderfully on indie radio, and I really appreciate the distinction.

Add to this the fact that “All We Ask” is insanely perfect for any possible moment I have had this summer and I have to give Kendra some insane credit for her immediate assumptions about me.

Both Grizzly Bear and Beirut need to get their asses up to the Northwest soon, by the way. Just saying…

It Might Not Be the Right Time

This absence is my testament to finding someone awesome to kiss in dormitory basements with only two weeks left in the quarter.

And in summer living two states away.

This long space in-between entries is my ode to coming home and being too bored to do absolutely anything.

And then going to San Francisco for a week and having my mind blown.

This post is about my new love for Daft Punk.

And this song. It’s wonderful. A gift for taking too long and being so distracted.

Watched You Taking Off

I remembered today that there is this Bright Eyes album (“I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning”) that I adore.

Somehow that fact had slipped my mind.

It might even be one of my top ten favorites.

In any case.

Here’s a lovely video for the first track off the record:

These are all good things to take a moment and remember.

Just Drive Us Around

I am currently watching Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls sit in the back seat of a cab (in England, I presume) and playing a cover of “Creep” by Radiohead on a ukulele.


Black Cab Sessions is the coolest thing I have watched online since 11:30 this morning when I watched that video of the little kid singing that Michael Jackson son on Britain’s Got Talent. Except it is much, much cooler. Just not as young and adorable.

So these guys take out famous and semi-famous and unknown musicians, sit them in the backseat of the cab and have them do acoustic versions of their songs while the cab rolls around the streets of the town. And they record the whole thing. And it is amazing.

I’ve watched Beach House, Death Cab For Cutie, Langhorne Slim, Johnny Flynn (who I am in love with now), the Raveonettes and just finished my Amanda Palmer. There are dozens of these. I will not be doing any homework today.

Tell me that is not the cutest little folk singer that ever lived.