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Found a Lonely Sound

Tonight, for the first time ever, I am going to see Interpol.

I bought their first album in ’03 and distinctly remember the first time I heard Turn on the Bright Lights, sitting in my living room with my little boom box, reading the liner notes.

I remember having a dream before they released their follow-up Antics. I invented new songs that were echoed when I fnally bought the album.

This band is how I impressed my first boyfriend and contributed perhaps second only the Smiths into making me a high-school sad bastard.

I remember figuring out what the lyrics to “PDA” and “Stella Was a Diver” were really about and being both shocked and proud of myself. I remain confounded by the words to other songs.

I will never forget waking up with the melody to “The New” in my head and not resting ’til I could get home after school and listen to it over and over. Catapulting it into my shortlist of all-time favorite songs.

I recall being super excited that my second boyfriend kind of looked like Paul Banks.

I have loved this band for more than seven years and tonight I finally get to see them. I am so excited.

There will be no Carlos D on bass, but I think I can live with that.

A couple songs to demonstrate my undying love.

(I will always consider “Obstacle 1” the ultimate make-out song, an opinion I came to after first watching the video on MTV’s “Subterranean”. I still don’t really understand myself on that one.)